Portrait Press Helps Schools Raise Money

Tea Towels, Totes, and Pillowcases for Cash

portrait press!

You can sugarcoat it in a candy bar or dress it up in wrapping paper, but any way you sell it, the fact remains: Schools need extra cash.

When the time comes for your PTA to discuss fundraising, introduce your associates to newly launched Portrait Press. Instead of filling your closets with plastic throwaways, the company helps you create tea towels, cotton totes (think classic NPR), and pillowcases featuring your kids’ self-portraits and original artwork.

Interested classrooms simply request the free kit. Once it arrives, teachers will have the necessary tools (product templates, adhesive paper, detailed instructions) to get kids drawing. Return their artwork to Portrait Press and your products will arrive four weeks later.

By doubling the cost and selling the goods to adoring (and willing) grandparents and neighbors, schools can net up to $900 with just 150 tea towels.

Even beyond the money raised for your own classroom, Portrait Press donates a portion of its proceeds to support arts education in underfunded schools.

We’ll buy that.

Available online at portraitpressfundraising.com.

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Photo: Courtesy of Portrait Press