It's Cool to Be a Metal Mouth

Colorful, Mix-and-Match Bracedlets Jewelry

bracedlets orthodontic bracelets!

(Junior High Playground, Anywhere, USA)

Bully: Hey, metal mouth, where’s your headgear?

Bookworm: I’ve found a new way to rock my brackets with Bracedlets, brightly colored wrist candy made from new orthodontic materials.

Bully: I’m not the jewelry type.

Bookworm: But you’ve never seen anything like these. The thin, stretchy power cords are studded with teensy metal brackets surrounded by contrasting elastic rubber bands. They’re great to mix, match, and stack.

Bully: Who came up with them?

Bookworm: Two NYC orthodontists, who enlisted the help of Lulu Frost jewelry designer Lisa Salzer. Now kids, teens, women, and even men (who can pick their favorite team colors) can’t get enough of them.

Bully: I’m still not convinced.

Bookworm: I already got you some — in a retainer gift case. And wait till you see the new rainbow bracelets available in a few weeks and what’s coming up for fall: rings, necklaces, and wraparound bracelets.

Bully: You’ve really straightened me out.

Available online at bracedlets.com, $5 each.

Photo: Courtesy of Bracedlets