Escape Reality with "Ready Player One"

Ernest Cline's Debut Novel Launches

ready player one by ernest cline!

This is the true story… of what happens… when you stop judging a book by its cover… and just read the damn thing already.

Ernest Cline’s debut novel, Ready Player One, is set in the year 2044, when much of the human population escapes its ugly existence by logging into a virtual reality and attempting to solve a computer puzzle with a multibillion-dollar prize — including awkward 18-year-old Wade Watts.

Because he lives most of his life online, Wade’s never met his best friends or the girl he loves, and his worst enemy is a giant corporation that’s tried to kill him. Locked in a room alone, the tenacious teen works to outwit them all (and possibly win the girl).

We were skeptical. A book about a video game set in a dismal future didn’t sound like the sort of thing we’re into. But once we gave him a chance, Cline pulled us in with chapter 0000 and didn’t let us go until game over.

Now that’s a lesson about the real world.

Available online at amazon.com, $13.

Photo: Courtesy of The Crown Publishing Group

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