Wall Art with Name, DOB, and Love

Pancake & Franks Nursery Prints Pop

pancake & franks nursery prints!

Being a new mom can feel a lot like participating in the lightning round of a quiz show. What day was he born? What time was he born? How much did he weigh?

Commemorate the facts and fractions of your mini muggle’s geniture with snappy new wall art from Pancake & Franks. Graphic designer Stacy Pancake’s creations seamlessly and subtly work your bambino’s name and birth details (including the all-important length) into a design perfect for any nursery wall.

Her travels to India, Mexico, England, and Italy inspire the 17-by-22 prints. Simple, geometric illustrations (elephants, cars, ice cream cones) in bold colors stand out against white backgrounds, so whether your little one’s deets are displayed on the side of a ship or at the foot of a camel, they’ll always pop to mind.

We’ll take Awesome for $100, Alex.

Available online at pancakeandfranks.com, $95.

Photo: Courtesy of Pancake & Franks