Handyman Express Will Fix You Up with a Good Guy

Hands Off Our Handyman

handyman express!

A heart-wrenching tale: Woman is a broken mess. Man comes along and fixes her. Man moves on to someone else when he is finished. Woman is broken again.

Next time you find a guy that’s good with his hands, make him a permanent fixture in your life via Handyman Express.

Buy his time in bulk (16 to 50 hours) to ensure you’ll have a strong, reliable and trustworthy bloke on call to attend your every need — from changing a lightbulb or hanging a picture to installing a new kitchen or building more cupboards. Those looking for a one-time wonder can hire Aussie owner Robert Lutz’s boys by the hour, but it’s cheaper if you sign up to be a member.

Plus, you’ll get priority over all those other desperate women out there.

Handyman Express (020 8899 7338 or handymanexpress.co.uk).

Photo: Les and Dave Jacobs / Getty Images