Turn Heads in Deck Specks

Sunglasses Made from Skateboards

deck specks sunglasses!

You gave up your skater girl dream after face-planting in front of your middle school crush. (Gravity was never your friend.)

This time around, keep your feet on the ground (and nose intact) with Deck Specks, sunglasses made from old skateboards, courtesy of local badasses Luke Bullard and Kevin Radley.

Each recycled pair is built using the nose and tail of one board; the bright colors come from the inside layers, which are often dyed for visual effect. Sick shapes (two angular, retro styles or a rounder Jackie O.-esque version) let you shade your peepers without losing street cred.

Just leave the ollies to the pros.

Available at Stratosphere Skateboards, 466 Moreland Avenue, Little Five Points (404-521-3510 or stratosphereskateboards.com), $60.

Photo: Ashley Hesseltine

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