Booktrack Soundtracks for Books Launches

Make a Book More like a Movie


It’s a general belief that the book is better than the movie. But a film kicks a novel’s arse in one area: the sweeping drama of a Hollywood score.

Until now. A new company, Booktrack, combines the joy of the written word with the magic of original music and sound effects.

Download the app for a book to your iPhone or iPad and just start reading. If the characters go to a club, you’ll hear disco beats and a crowd of voices. A thunder of boot falls accompanies a platoon of soldiers marching across a field, while the sound of water rushes when a fisherman reels in a big one. Booktrack technology determines your reading pace and keeps up.

Distraction-prone readers may not love it, and only a few youth titles are currently available. But the company promises upcoming releases from popular authors and classics such as The Three MusketeersThe Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, and Pride and Prejudice.

We can’t wait for The Sound and the Fury.

Available online at booktrack.com, free-$13.

Photo: Steve West / Getty Images