Getting Collared by Eleven Objects

New Design Duo Scores a Perfect Ten

eleven objects neck accessories!

Investigation/Incident Report

Nature of the Case: At 10:52 a.m., two women were spotted wearing detachable collars made of Swarovski crystal, metal studs, calf-hair leather, and various brightly colored silks and other fabrics. Witnesses described the pieces: “It was like their regular old button-downs were the most luxurious things in the world.” “One treated it just like it was a necklace. I was shocked.”

Victim(s): Unidentified female onlookers reported feelings of surprise, captivation, jealousy, and an intense urge to shop.

Suspect(s): Eleven Objects, a.k.a. Christine Rhee and Linh Thi Do. Rap sheets for both noted multiple incidents of clothing design, development, and production (Rhee’s line Crhee, Do at Alexander Wang and Tse, both at Doo.ri).

Injuries Sustained: A hit to the wallet, intensity of the blow yet to be determined (approximately $120-$1,200).

Classification: White-collar crime.

Available online at elevenobjects.com or pinkclouds.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Eleven Objects