Chooze Shoes That Are Different in a Good Way

They Feel Good and Do Good

chooze shoes!

We all dream of achieving harmony and balance.

But we settle for shrieking children, piles of laundry, and hardly a moment’s peace.

Embrace the chaos with Chooze shoes, a new collection of kicks with left and right that coordinate but are never exactly the same.

The all-cotton, vegan slip-ons come sized for toddlers, big kids, and moms. Choose from a variety of patterns in the same color scheme, a variety of colors in the same pattern, and patterns and colors that don’t match at all but still somehow work.

Another thing that’s different about these shoes: At year’s end, the company invests 100 percent of profits in programs that support impoverished women with education, skills training, and microloans.

Now that’s a step in the right direction.

Available online at choozeshoes.com, $48-$59.

Photo: Courtesy of Chooze