The Gift Card's Cooler Cousin

Giftly Launches Online


Life Cycle of the Average Gift Card

Day one: Gifter purchases a random card at a big-box store and presents it to the recipient. Giftee feigns enthusiasm, tosses card in a dresser drawer.

Three years later: Said (now expired) card is tossed out, never to be mentioned again.

Life Cycle of a Giftly

Day one: Gifter goes to the new SF-based site to create a Giftly. She selects a design and chooses three personalized options from beloved local boutiques and restaurants, as well as national stores.

Same day: Gifter sends said Giftly via Facebook, email, or a printout. Recipient squeals with delight and runs to her favorite store to redeem the Giftly with a mere click of a button on her smartphone. (When the Giftly is used, the recipient is reimbursed via PayPal or on her credit/debit card.)

That night: Gifter enjoys her new top friend status and relaxes knowing that the always-replaceable Giftly never expires.

Now that’s what we call present perfect.

Available online at begiftly.com. The first 200 DailyCandy readers to use this link get $5 off their first Giftly purchases.

Photo: Junos / Getty Images