Evoz Turns Your Phone into a Baby Monitor

Another Reason to Own an iPhone

evoz baby monitor!

You thought the best thing about the iPhone was beating your mother-in-law at Words with Friends on a triple-point placement of “crazy.”

But you haven’t tried Evoz, a service that turns your beloved smartphone into a 21st-century baby monitor.

Simply place the main Evoz unit in Mr. Cry It Out’s room and log on to the website to connect as many phones as you’d like (Mom’s, Dad’s, babysitter’s). From anywhere your phone works (the back deck with a glass of rosé, your office at work, the lobby of a movie theater), you’ll stay connected to the kid. Not up for listening in? Have the device call, text, or email when baby blabbers.

Evoz also tracks, stores, and graphs baby’s cries and uses the information to provide relevant parenting content (think sleep training) based on your child’s crying patterns.

Which will make you either incredibly well prepared or completely nuts.

Available online at myevoz.com, $120-$180. Delivery begins October 4. Use code DailyCandy for 15 percent off any monitor or service package.

Photo: Courtesy of Evoz