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Break into Breakaway Matcha

Green Tea's Gone High End

breakaway matcha!

Believe it or not, it wasn’t so long ago that the average American knew nothing about espresso (now it’s just the occasional person who pronounces it with an X).

Eric Gower, founder of online tea emporium Breakaway Matcha, hopes to make green tea as much of a household name as its Italian rival — by introducing our country to the good stuff.

A connoisseur of high-quality, finely milled green tea, Gower likens most of the product on the market to Two-Buck Chuck. Which is why he scoured Japan for sixteen years for the most premium brew and brought it stateside in convenient 30-gram tins.

But the drinking of matcha is less esoteric than you might expect: Dole out a gram into one of Gower’s custom ceramic creamers (made in Sebastopol), add hot water, and froth as you would a latte (to release the maximum amount of full-bodied umami flavor).

Morimoto Napa plans to add it to the menu.

Only the best for an Iron Chef.

Available online at breakawaymatcha.com, $45-$105.

Photo: Courtesy of Breakaway Matcha