Vinyl Makes a Comeback

Modularity Floor Tiles

modularity tiles!

We love a good comeback as much as the next mom. (We’re rooting for you, Talbots.)

But we couldn’t get behind vinyl flooring — until we saw Modularity Tiles.

Banish your memories of Grandma’s blah kitchen floor and walk over to a collection of mix-and-match pieces available in pretty much every imaginable color. Designed to make an impact without a massive renovation, the inexpensive tiles can be arranged in dramatic pattern combinations, thanks to die-cut frames and inserts.

We covered the shameful vinyl sheeting in our apartment entryway with tangerine, avocado, and periwinkle squares. They were as easy to install (just trim to fit and use adhesive tape) as they are to wipe clean. It’s the perfect solution for high-traffic areas and kiddos who spill, splat, and drip.

You’ll be floored.

Available by phone (866-471-1022) or email order (sales@modularitytiles.com), $1.75-$2 per tile. To see styles, go to modularitytiles.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Modularity Tiles