ShopTalk: Affordable Art

Paintings, Photos, and More That Won’t Break the Bank

affordable art!

Works of art you can’t afford to miss.

chris uphues!Frame of Mind
If the surprises in Chris Uphues’s Crystal screen print ($200) aren’t enough to hook you, knowing he paints details onto each one by hand will.
baby porcupine sharon montrose!Animal Farm
More artful than cutesy, Sharon Montrose’s portraits
($25 and up) capture the spirit of the animal kingdom.
circle of life!State of the Art
Add mixed media to your museum. Circle of Life
($325), Cheryl Brick’s dynamic artwork in acrylic and ink, evokes the vitality of its name.
you have everything you need!Take a Load Off
Jacqueline Schmidt’s You Have Everything You Need limited-edition print ($60) inspires us to lighten our load.
shaving!Shake a Leg
Teen photog Sasha Douglas found her knack early in life. In Shaving ($100), she adds a sense of wonder to an intimate ritual.

Not just right for your gallery? Hang in there. We have a museum’s worth of options right here.