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Kopi Gourmet Coffee Subscription

Life's Too Short to Drink Bad Coffee

kopi coffee!

Step away from that skinny mocha frappa crapa with an extra shot of foamy nothing. Real coffee is on its way.

Kopi, a new delivery service will be your snail mail caffeine supplier. The concept is simple: sign up for one, six or twelve months, and you’ll receive a different gourmet roast by regular post on the 14th of every month. Choose either whole beans or preground, and your 250-gram bag will arrive (along with a booklet about the brew) in cool cardboard packaging slim enough to fit through a mailbox.

Order before next Wednesday, and you’ll be in time for this month’s mail out — a medium-strength Guatemalan roast grown on the slopes of an active volcano.

How’s that for rocket fuel?

Available online at kopi.co.uk, £7-£9 per month.

Photo: Courtesy of Kopi