Reboot Your Life with Reset

Live It Up Your Way


Operations Manual for [Your Name Here]
Page 47

1.1. Work is a bust.
1.2. Love’s on the rocks.
1.3. Heavy case of the frumps.
1.4. You’re down in the dumps.

Hit Reset, a virtual ctrl-alt-delete for the modern woman who’s ready to figure out what she wants (and how to get it) from the ground up. Creator Heather Catania channeled her forever-fired-up-ness into an in-person and online empowerment system that anyone can put into action, giving ho-hum life the heave-ho.

Armed with workbooks, step-by-step programs, and ReBoot Camp webinars, you can dive into topics like money, love, relationships, and health. Next up: Donzo, a Foolproof Four-Week Plan to Stop Being Frenemies with Food for Anyone Who Wants to Stop Consuming Crap and Start Looking Hot.

Batteries not included.

Available online at resetlife.tv.

Photo: Henry Arden / Getty Images