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A Tune-Up, Courtesy of Gorilla Vs. Bear

Indie Rock Jam-a-Thon

gorilla vs. bear

Feeling overwhelmed by this season’s glut of new jams, we recruited influential MP3 indie music blog Gorilla Vs. Bear to help filter out the noise.

Here, their picks for an all-star fall playlist.

Green Aisles,” by Real Estate
(Emotive indie twang from some talented Jersey boys.)

I’m Trying,” by Octo Octa
(A B-side track with A-plus beats.)

To Carry Many Small Things,” by Mina Tindle
(Pretty girl, gorgeous song.)

Kimmi in a Rice Field,” by Twin Sister
(Straight off the sound track of your fave ’80s movie.)

Honey Bunny,” by Girls
(Lovelorn surf pop for your heart’s endless summer.)

Te Amo,” by Atlas Sound
(Deerhunter’s Bradford Cox heads south of the border.)

The Blindside Kiss,” by Neon Indian
(Shoegazer ode to unexpected moments.)

You Wish You Were Red,” by Trailer Trash Tracys
(A synth-happy number from the rising London quartet.)

Video Games,” by Lana Del Rey
(Pouty lips, undeniable chops, and just the right dose of controversy.)

Our Own Dream,” Keep Shelly in Athens
(Dark and stormy dance grooves.)

Cruel,” by St. Vincent
(The latest from the wildly talented songstress.)

Photo: Denise Truscello / Getty Images