Slurp Down the New Book "Shucked"

Erin Murray Finds Success on the Half Shell

shucked, by erin byers murray!

When you’re a journalist and someone has a really good book idea, you twitch with envy. When that someone is a co-worker, you want to stab yourself in the thigh with a fork.

And so it was when former DailyCandy Boston editor Erin Murray announced she was trading deadlines for waterproof waders and eighteen months on a New England oyster farm. Her retelling of that time, Shucked, just hit shelves.

The debut book is a solid account of her briny year-plus as a crew member at Island Creek Oysters in Duxbury, Massachusetts. From her not-so-easy first weeks learning the backbreaking work of harvesting the mollusks to the moment she tastes the first of the oysters she cared for as seed, Murray’s adventure in farming rings both romantic and real.

In other words, it’s a pearl.

Available online at amazon.com, $17.

Photos: Courtesy of St. Martin’s Press; Adam DeTour / Courtesy of Erin Byers Murray

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