Stick It to Your Recyclables

Box Play Stickers

box play for kids!

We send lunch in reusable bags, dress our kids in organic cotton, and subscribe to a CSA.

But if you ever ask us to give up the paper towel, we’ll cry over spilled milk.

For if we were to say good-bye to the Brawny man, we couldn’t as easily enjoy the genius that is Box Play for Kids stickers. The ecofriendly labels turn castoff cardboard (from cereal boxes to toilet paper rolls) into everything from a record player to binoculars.

Launched by graphic designer Janette Eusebio Harwell, Box Play for Kids is the inspired combination of her 2-year-old daughter’s favorite playthings: stickers and the contents of the family’s recycling bin. With just a peel and stick, an egg carton becomes a piano, paper towel rolls transform into bowling pins, and a mac ’n’ cheese box turns into a clutch purse.

The stickers are printed on recycled paper stock, so the whole process is low-impact living from start to finish.

It’s another way to show respect for Earth while enjoying the Bounty.

Available online at boxplayforkids.com, $4-$12.

Photo: Courtesy of Box Play for Kids