An All-Inclusive Craft and Science Project

Kiwi Crate Art and Activities for Kids

kiwi crate!

Moms fall into two camps: those who can navigate the aisles of Michaels blindfolded (and identify the checkout person by scent) and those who pay triple the price for the finished project.

Ne’er the two shall mingle — except over Kiwi Crate, a new subscription service that sends monthly craft and science activities to your front door.

Each box arrives with all the stuff you need to complete at least two projects. The team at Kiwi Crate takes a just-add-water approach to getting creative, so there’s no need to stock the crafting corner (if you even have one) before diving in.

We got our hands on a colors crate, which included a stained glass kit (made with tissue paper and colored film) and a spinning top setup (to decorate with a rainbow assortment of mini markers). Both were huge hits with our toddler, but what we appreciated most were the thoughtful questions included in the instructions.

Because it’s better to ask, “What will happen to the stained glass if we shine a flashlight through it?” than, “Why did you draw on the couch?”

Available online at kiwicrate.com, $20-$220.

Photo: Courtesy of Kiwi Crate