A Teddy Fashioned from the Shirt off Your Back

Mrs. Jermyn Teddy Bears

mrs. jermyn teddy bears!

Being a suit is hard. Being a suit with kids at home and missing bedtime is even harder.

Let your button-down pull double duty with a custom teddy bear from Mrs. Jermyn. The cozy loveys are made from fabric that, in a former life, got tucked in and suited up for a day at the office. Designer Annika Jermyn masterfully uses collars, buttons, and seams from dress shirts to enhance each bear’s personality.

Choose from ready-made teddies or send Jermyn one of your favorite tops and she’ll turn it into a bespoke buddy for your little guy. All the bears are stuffed with cushy filling and have wide-open arms for squeezing.

So when you have to stay late at the office, they work overtime.

Available online at etsy.com, $75. To see styles, go to mrsjermyn.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Mrs. Jermyn