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DailyCandy Injury Report
Jane Doe #2857A0-11

Patient suffers from a lack of fragrant identity; signature scent oscillates between overpowering (suspected: floral overdosing) and unoriginal (admits to dabbling with store-brand samples).

Rx: Italian innovators Antonio Zuddas and Giovanni Castelli have partnered with lab pros at APF France to develop a new-to-market olfactory remedy, Blood Concept.

Directions: Patient is responsible for selecting his/her new unisex aroma based on the evolution of chief blood-type characteristics. (Transfusions between types are safe and encouraged.)

O – Animalistic impulses from history’s oldest bloodline; a leathery scent with hints of raspberry, cedar wood, and thyme.
A – A swift progression to agrarian-inspired greenery via tomato leaves, basil, and star anise.
B – Intense spice for culturally inclined nomads; red apple and black cherry blend with pepper, black tea, and a dash of patchouli.
AB – A mineral stream for nature-averse urbanites; aluminum and slate wash over a bed of saline-soaked pebbles.

Dosage/Use: 40-milliliter dropper or 60-milliliter spray. Inhale gently.

Side Effects: A lingering, albeit pleasant, metallic aroma and possible addiction at first drop.

Available online at luckyscent.com, $155-$185. For more information, go to bloodconcept.com or facebook.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Blood Concept