Find Your Next Apartment on Lovely

House Hunting Just Got Dreamy

lovely san francisco!

If you’ve had the “pleasure” of apartment searching in the last year, you know it’s now more guerilla warfare than house browsing.

What you need: a proverbial hit man prepared to crush your competition. Where you’ll find it: Lovely, a new website making house hunting a potentially amorous experience.

Imagine that Google Maps, Craigslist, and Trulia had a threesome, then a baby (just go with it). Lovely’s visual map search is that love child. With plentiful photos, well-defined neighborhood borders (you’re more Mission than Noe), an elegant filtered search, featured listings (read: real estate porn), prewritten landlord contact emails, plus tracking tools, consider the once-archaic process 21st-century approved.

Prepare your renter resume with helpful guidance systems and get your foot in the door faster. In a few months’ time, compare properties and collaborate with future roomies through built-in tools. Then take your muscle on the road (a mobile app is also in the works).

Get ready to rumble.

Available online at livelovely.com.

Photo: Ryan McGinnis / Getty Images