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BeginAgain Toys Launches

beginagain toys!

Let’s settle this once and for all. You don’t need batteries to make some toy buzz.

Case in point: BeginAgain, a new collection of ecominded playthings powered solely by your child’s imagination.

Founded by two Sprig Toys vets, BeginAgain uses all-natural rubber and cotton, sustainably harvested woods, wheat-starch plastic, biocomposites, and bamboo to create toys around six styles of play: the beginner, the artist, the writer, the inventor, the sportster, and the hero.

Art journals are stocked with stencils and soy crayons, tea sets let little Meryl Streeps-in-training take on character development and role play, and a bath time shark tank gives your superhero the chance to save the day, every day.

All the toys are meant to bolster self-confidence and teach kids things like cooperation, communication, and exploration without employing joysticks or touch screens.

And to that we say, “Game on.”

Available online at beginagaintoys.com, $15-$30.

Photo: Courtesy of BeginAgain Toys