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gadgets and gizmos!

Keep you and yours plugged in.

jawbone up!Arm Candy
With Jawbone’s Up ($100), it’s all in the wrist. It tracks your movement, meals, and sleep, and starts healthy competition among friends.
iP4G!Sound It Out
More sleek and futurist than retro, this ’80s throwback boom box ($200) lets you give the gift of music to anyone in earshot of its serious sound.
nest thermostat!Hot Button
Nest ($249), a mod thermostat, learns your heating and cooling patterns and programs itself accordingly to conserve energy.

apple icloud!Silver Lining
Keep your head, along with your music, photos, calendars, and more, in the iCloud (5GB for free), Apple’s cloud-based storage.
fujifilm digital camera!Shoot Out
The compact, twelve-megapixel Fujifilm X10 ($600) is the best shot with an optical viewfinder, manual 4x optical zoom, and HD 1080p video.

For those on your list who prefer wires to ribbons, we’ve got plenty more giftable gadgets.