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Real Food Devotee Delivery Service

It's Got Ferment Intent

real food devotee!

When the health conscious cacophony gets to be too much, it’s best to listen to the wisdom of the krauts.

The cabbage-based kind, that is. They’re telling you to try Real Food Devotee, the home delivery, private chef, and catering gig of Monica Ford. It’s a new source for fine fermented fare.

Using wholesome organic ingredients and old-world techniques that preserve and punch up naturally occurring probiotics, minerals, enzymes, and nutrients, Ford takes special care to make sure every bite is as nourishing as it is delicious (in a word: very).

Ease in with traditional sauerkraut or kimchee, or dive into quarts of mighty beet kvass and pints of raw cacao ice cream. The selection of hearty broths, cultured vegetables, fizzy beverages (pomegranate kombucha, probiotic sodas), and sweets (coconut vanilla bean truffles) changes each week, so experiment at your own speed.

It can be a lot to digest.

Real Food Devotee (818-577-5871 or realfooddevotee.com).

Photo: Tom Ford / Courtesy of Real Food Devotee