What to Wear After Turkey Dinner

Skylar Luna Pajamas

skylar luna pajamas!

There are days when it all feels like one big countdown to bedtime.

Nine hours, 22 minutes, and 35 seconds to go.

Reward your kiddos at the finish line with a pair of Skylar Luna pajamas. (We made it! Now get in bed!) The new collection of jammies is sewn from soft Turkish organic cotton. Slender silhouettes hug tushies, flat interior seams eliminate cases of can’t-sleep-itchy-scratchies, and the top-and-bottom construction allows for maximum but-I’m-not-ready-for-bed-yet tossing and turning.

Our kiddo has worn — and we’ve washed and dried — a striped pair almost a dozen times in the past month, and they’ve only gotten cozier.

But who’s counting?

Available online at skylarluna.com, $42.

Photo: Courtesy of Skylar Luna