Sanitise Your Desk with Cyber Clean

Antibacterial Slime for Your Keyboard

cyber clean!

Internal Office Memo

To: Keyboard

From: Fingers

Re: Dirty Business

It’s time to clean up your act. Dirt and germs have slipped through the cracks for too long now; as a result, your performance has left behind a trail of filth.

Cyber Clean is a blob of antibacterial slime we plan to spread all over your surface and push deep between your keys to absorb everything from crumbs to dead skin and anything else you’ve been hiding. The Silly Putty-like substance will neutralise and sanitise everything it picks up and can be reused until it changes colour (thus preventing repeat offenses).

Please cc the phone, calculator and any other hard-to-clean electrical gadgets.

Available online at firebox.com, £8.

Photo: Courtesy of Cyber Clean