Do You Believe in Gift Giving?

Gifts That Encourage Creative Play

kids' gifts!

Imagine this: presents that inspire hours and hours of make-believe fun.

2 red friends dolls!A Friend in Us
Dolls as big as your toddler are made from sweaters and denim. A portion of each purchase goes toward ending cervical cancer ($135).
citiblocs little builders blocks!Block by Block
City kids can construct streetscapes that look just like their neighborhoods with brownstone-inspired blocks ($35).
hape all season furnished dollhouse!Open House
Move right into this three-story charmer with open space and light. Four rooms come fully furnished and ready for a housewarming ($110).
kitty egg crayons!
Kitty Art Class
Toddler hands grip these bulbous wonders, which have various surfaces to make all kinds of fun strokes ($3 each).
brinca dada blocks!Modern Forms
Imperfect blocks allow little hands to create their own puzzles. There is no right or wrong — only curvy structures reminiscent of a Gehry ($49).

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