92 Reasons to Have a Snow Day

Blankets, Leggings, Sleds, and More

snow day!

The snow day of yesteryear: After seeing the “closed” signal on TV, you experienced a feeling of elation, then raced into a snowsuit — thus beginning a day of snow angels and hot cocoa.

These days we’re less about igloos and more about nice sweaters, but we still get excited when temperatures drop. Whether you’re staying in or running headlong into the flurries, here are some things to keep you warm.

Be a Hothead
You can still hear Mom saying, “Put something on your head or you’ll catch a cold.” All for Everyone’s colorful knit stocking caps ($48) keep your mother happy and your noggin warm.

steven alan joni leggings!Keep Your Pants On
Snow pants: function, yes. Form, not so much. Cover your stems in printed Joni leggings ($139) by Steven Alan to add flair to your puffy parka.

Tinker for Your Thinker
Power down the iPad (seriously) and give your brain an old-school challenge. Putter indoors for hours with imaginative balancing blocks ($85) crafted by the guys at Fort Standard.

icelandic market d sledge sled!Downhill Whoa
Classic carpentry plus modern design equals a sled ($205) any adult would be proud to commandeer down a hill, thanks to the folks at Icelandic Design.

Like Crazy Soft
It may not have the sentimental value of your childhood blankie, but Restoration Hardware’s faux fur throw ($79) is so cushy we predict you’ll get attached.

For snowball makers, portable fireplaces, and more cold comforts, check out our Roundup.