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Smally Accessories for Babies

smally accessories for babies!

Stroller muffs that look like cocoons make complete sense — for butterflies. But Shorty ain’t got no wings.

Zip him up in Smally instead. The straight outta Jersey upstart has the most innovative baby accessories we’ve spied in a while.

For starters, pimp his ride with a Hoodmuff, which combines the coziness of a blanket with the styling of a hoodie, or the Scover, a Teflon-coated stroller cover with a zippered front window and mesh side vents for airflow.

Moms and pops have their pick of Dumbo or Mambo, spill-resistant diaper bags that channel ’80s-era gym-bag chic. Time for a feeding? Give Shorty the hands-free bottle holder, a.k.a. Unidentified Feeding Object, and let someone else do the not-so-heavy lifting.

Talk about laid-back.

Available online at minijake.com and allmodern.com. See collection online at smallyinc.com, $30-$100.

Photo: Courtesy of Smally