Orchidya Orchid Shop Opens

Bloomin' Wonderful

orchidya orchid shop london!

Wanted: Exotic species that enjoys spending time indoors and sitting around looking pretty. Delicate features and good breeding essential.

Find a suitable match at Orchidya — a colourful new orchid shop now open in Bloomsbury. Most of the plants arrive from a 30,000-square-foot glasshouse in Lincolnshire, although rare breeds can be imported from as far as Taiwan and Thailand. Choose varieties ranging from the common phalaenopsis to the wild vanda or hybrid cambria, available in up to fifteen stunning shades.

The beauties are well cultured, low maintenance (need to be watered only once a week) and can be as cheap (£10) or expensive (£500) as you fancy.

We think you’ll find it to be a pretty good arrangement.

Orchidya, 42 Store Street, WC1E 7DB (020 8355 5028 or orchidya.com).

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42 Store St
London, UK WC1E 7DB