Egg-cellent Emotional Cleanse and Healing

A Healthy Egg Is a Healthy Mind

mayan egg cleanse!

Your emotions are scrambled. Your brain is fried. All in all, you feel like you’re cracking up.

Mayan medicine man Roland Torikian, who trained with Mexican Shamans, will beat you back into shape with a traditional egg cleanse, a healing technique that rebalances your spiritual, physical, emotional and mental health.

Start by holding an organic, raw egg in your hand while Roland checks your pulse and reads your aura. When he cracks the egg into a glass of water, he reads it as if it were a blueprint of your energy and tells you about emotional wounds that haven’t healed, negative patterns and latent anger issues.

Next he goes to work clearing negativity, using fresh herbs and deep massage.

You’ll have to shell out £75 for a 45-minute session.

But you’ll leave sunny-side up.

Available at Triyoga, 6 Erskine Road, NW3 3AJ (020 7483 3344 or triyoga.co.uk).

Photo: Burke / Triolo Productions / Getty Images

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6 Erskine Rd
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