A Real Hair-o

The Knot Genie

knot genie!

While sitting on the beach this past summer, we heard (re: eavesdropped) about a brush that magically detangles knots without so much as a yelp or wiggle.

Could it be? We wondered. Or are these moms the same women who spread vicious rumors about kids who love Brussels sprouts and bedtime?

Those ladies weren’t spinning a yarn: Knot Genie is very real and very magical.

The cloud-shaped tool fits right in the palm of your hand, so there’s no paddle to yank through the tangle of locks. It has a series of bendable teeth of all lengths — that is what the Knot Genie team says makes the difference between an easy-breezy combing and something that might violate the Geneva Conventions. As the brush makes its way through hair, the teeth bend and give, rather than fight and rip, detangling without tears.

We promise you it works. And our kids are a huge pain in the ass at bedtime.

Available online knotgenie.com, $20.

Photo: Courtesy of Knot Genie