DailyCandy’s 2011 Movie Awards

11 Films We Couldn’t Stop Watching This Year

drive favorite movies of 2011!

Antihero worship. Cult escapees. And a Jon Hamm car scene that just wouldn’t quit. This year in movies was a seriously wild ride. Here’s a rundown of the flicks that kept us glued to our (theater) seats.

Drive for Best Use of a Gosling
We call shotgun.

Win Win for Best Athletic Display
They wrestled it out of us.

Beginners for Best Movie in (Dog) Years
Ewan McGregor and his chatty pup? So fetch.

Another Earth for Best Hidden Gem
Hope these Earths like to share.

Attack the Block for Best British Invasion
A creature feature with a hard day’s night.

Bellflower for Most Explosive Debut
Welcome to the Thunderdome.

Martha Marcy May Marlene for Best Cult Classic
She had us at “hhii.”

The Artist for Best Sound Mixing
The silence says it all.

Shame for Best Supporting Cast Member
What a mighty, mighty good man.

Bridesmaids for Best Wiig Out
You take the award. We’ll take a party favor puppy — or nine.

Young Adult for Best Hello Kitty Cameo
She’s a catty one.

And … scene.

Don’t tune out now. There’s still time to catch winter’s coolest new releases. Or hunker down with one of our favorite films you haven’t seen.

Photo: Everett Collection