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Hail Sweet Mary's Snacks and Treats

Mouthwatering Goodies Delivered

sweet mary's snacks and treats!

Office party on the left. Neighbors’ get-together on the right. In-laws straight ahead.

Your play: a Sweet Mary. Candymaker Mary Riesgraf, a newbie on the confections scene, is on your team.

Go long with white chocolate popcorn (points to Riesgraf for customizing batches, tweaking chocolate colors, and add-in flavors). Chocolate caramel pretzels sprinkled with sea salt and her signature sweets mix run serious interference.

This season, candy apples are up for MVP: Riesgraf wraps Fujis in thick, hand-rolled caramel (dipping is so JV), then sprinkles them generously with nuts or chocolate bits.

Order turnaround is 24 hours (or less, if you ask nicely), so there’s time on the clock for snagging last-minute Christmas gifts.

Shoot, you’ll score.

Available by phone order (323-496-6818) or email mary@sweet-marys.com. For more flavors, go to sweet-marys.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Sweet Mary’s