DailyCandy's Favorite 2011 Beauty Finds

Tricks That Stopped Us in Our Tracks

top beauty finds of 2011!

You’ve survived another year without the fountain of youth’s GPS coordinates. (We’re working on that.)

In the meantime, here are our picks for the best beauty discoveries we actually made in 2011.

Best Beauty in a Glass
We go way back with cult-followed facialist Joanna Vargas. But we fell for her all over again when she shared not one, but five of her personal, skin-saving juice recipes.

Best Creepy-Cool Product
We thought we’d sniffed it all until olfactory whizzes Antonio Zuddas and Giovanni Castelli invented Blood Concept perfumes. You read that right: unisex scents blended based on type, from O (leathery with hints of raspberry, cedar, and thyme) to mineral-driven AB.

Best Global Beauty Find
You no longer need a passport to enjoy Savane Organic Skincare’s line. The whole lot of Sub-Saharan potions, serums, toners, and creams hit the states (and the Web) this past summer.

Best Excuse to Get Dirty
Chicago editor Emily Fiffer unearthed two brilliant ways to come clean: Buff oneself silly with Dirt’s garden-themed scrubs or pay a licensed spa professional to give you a good old-fashioned bath.

Best Alterna-Face-lift
Had Sarah Chapman’s visage massager not come with instructions, we would have used it to beat eggs. But after a few days of swishing and circling the tentacled tool from jawline to hairline, we were sold on its promises to reenergize skin.

Best for Getting Glowy
Bare Escentuals’s Faux Tan’s almond scent and velvety body brush secured our top pick for freckle-challenged sun worshippers and tanorexics alike.

Best for Places That Shall Not Be Named
Don’t let the pink and purple color scheme fool you: We found Bellabe’s facial hair-remover sticks a realistic DIY alternative to the everyday lip wax.

Best for Hands
City livin’ is anything but sanitary. Clean’s genius antibacterial hand lotion proved an urban beauty junkie’s dream cream.

Best DIY Trick
In November, London editor Malika Dalamal brought us a hemp, honey, and beeswax balm recipe that was too good not to bring across the pond.

Photo: Nichola Evans / Getty Images