Kathleen Whitaker's Mix-and-Match Studs

Punky Earrings for Commitmentphobes

kathleen whitaker earrings!

When it comes to cracking codes, you’re right up there with Morse, Bond, and Einstein.

But it doesn’t take a genius to decipher simply stunning jewelry.

Case in point: Kathleen Whitaker’s understated Dot and Dash earrings collection.

A fan of freestyle mixing and matching, the ceramist/bonnet maker/jewelry designer casts fourteen-karat gold posts and sells them individually. (Two of our favorite West Coast boutiques, Mohawk General Store and Totokaelo, snapped up the line within months of spotting Whitaker at L.A.’s Echo Park Craft Fair.)

Sequin-style studs, staple bars, and multipost rods (think knuckle-duster rings for your ears) add up to sets that say “Indeed, I am a badass,” without shouting it from the rooftops.

And that we read loud and clear.

Available online at generalstore.com, gravelandgold.com, or totokaelo.com, $35-$230. For more information, go to khwjewelry.com.

Photo: Serena Mitnik-Miller / Courtesy of General Store