Get into Bed with Olivia von Halle Luxury Silk Pyjamas

Good Day and Good Night

olivia von halle pyjamas!

You’ve never really fancied the idea of resembling the bee’s knees (knobbly and hairy). Much less being the dog’s b**locks (yuk). But the cat’s pyjamas? Now that’s something you can live with.

Add some purr to your loungewear with a silk creation from Olivia von Halle. Inspired by the decadence of 1920s home entertaining and stuck for something glamorous yet comfortable to wear when she came home from long nights out in Shanghai, trend forecaster von Halle commissioned a tailor to create the perfect pair.

Crafted from 100 per cent silk, the pyjamas are made according to a unique height-based sizing system, so the proportions are always just so. And with extras like piped trim and mother-of-pearl buttons to adorn the boudoir-beautiful colours, you might not want to keep them for home.

So next time you stumble to the corner shop for a pint of milk, at least you’ll look like the cat that got the cream.

Available online at oliviavonhalle.com, £300.

Photo: Courtesy of Olivia von Halle