The Chuan Yu Facial Is an Instant Pick-Me-Up

Head into 2012 with a Radiant Visage

chuan yu restorative facial!

On the face of it, you stared down last year’s challenges like a champ. But beneath that seemingly serene mug is leftover stress, ready to remanifest itself as leap-year lines and blemishes.

The Chuan Yu facial cures your countenance from the inside out with its blend of ancient and modern healing methods.

After a restorative breathing ritual, your aesthetician cleanses and exfoliates with soothing seawater-based products. Then comes the treatment’s centerpiece: an extended Gua Sha face-and-shoulder acupressure rubdown performed with a piece of polished jade (said to restore the body’s yin/yang balance and prevent aging).

After two hydrating masks and one blissful arm-and-leg massage, the session ends with the application of metal beads on your ears’ acupressure points. This Chinese medicine practice, dating to 500 B.C., lowers stress levels so your luminosity stays put for the long haul.

You won’t be able to disguise your pleasure.

Available at Chuan Body + Soul, The Langham, Boston, 250 Franklin Street, Financial District (617-451-1900 or chuanspa.com), $165.

Photo: Courtesy of The Langham, Boston

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