4moms Origami Power-Folding Stroller Launches

It's Ready to Roll

4moms folding stroller!

We’re all charged up around here. Why? The stroller from Tomorrowland has arrived. And it’s out of this world.

The inventive team at 4moms teased us with the Origami stroller for months; the futuristic ride is finally ready to roll. Believe the hype, people. It power-folds with just one touch of a button by way of a built-in generator that charges while you walk. Yes, we said power-folds, as in you don’t have to do anything but watch.

An LCD screen serves as command central, tracking how far you’ve gone and indicating battery power. Sensors in the seat ensure it will never close while baby’s on board, daytime running lights keep you in other people’s sights, and four cup holders mean two parental lattes and two sippies are welcome to ride.

But our favorite add-on is the USB port and cable that lets you charge your phone.

Beam us up, Scotty.

Available online at shop4moms.com, $850; handle bar bag and phone charger, $40. For more information, go to 4moms.com.

Photo: Courtesy of 4moms