Plant a Bloomer Ecofriendly Plantable Gifts

Takes One to Grow One

plant a bloomer!

Holiday gift inventory: novelty pencil sharpener, newspaper toilet roll and a necklace made of teeth.

Next time you receive a present that begs to be thrown out, let’s hope it’s a Plant a Bloomer. London-based graphic designer Rani Deshpande crafts the ecofriendly range of plantable gifts from recycled paper embedded with a mix of seeds, fern and raffia.

Handmade paper place mats, coasters, hearts or flower-shaped confetti and party favours are pretty and fun to use, but no harm will come when you’re finished with them. Simply plant the materials in soil; the paper and natural resin glue break down, and the seeds germinate to sprout wildflowers in two to three weeks.

A rubbish gift?

More like bloomin’ genius.

Available online at notonthehighstreet.com or plantabloomer.com, £3-£48.

Photo: Courtesy of Notonthehighstreet.com