DailyCandy's VYou.com Channel Launches

You Ask, Our Editors Answer

vyou dailycandy!

Over the years, we’ve gotten some pretty weird emails: an erroneous banana hammock complaint, satisfied customers and a man looking for a soul mate, to name a few.

But more than anything, our inbox is full of requests asking our editors for personalised recommendations, local tips and favourite hangouts. We haven’t been able to respond to every one. Until now.

Introducing DailyCandy’s VYou.com channel, a place for our editors to field your questions in video form. Want to know the best place to people-watch or get coffee in London? Where our NYC editor gets her hair cut? The best sushi in San Fran?

Anything you want to know — a city-related quandary, the best movie of all time or the meaning of life — all you have to do is ask.

But before anyone gets too excited: we don’t know where to find your soul mate.

To visit our channel, go to vyou.com/channels/dailycandy.com.