A Preconcert Warm Up

The Fresh Beat Band's Playlist

the fresh beat band!

We’ve been stalking Nick Jr. for months, sending anonymous emails to the network begging Kiki, Marina, Twist, and Shout to take the show on the road (our kids kept asking).

So we’re not going to try to hide how excited we are about The Fresh Beat Band going on tour. (Yes, we may have let out a whoop in the grocery store when we found out. No, our children weren’t present.)

And when the foursome agreed to share their personal preconcert iPod playlists with us, it was a great day.

Don’t You Worry ’Bout a Thing,” by Stevie Wonder
Who’s listening: Kiki (Yvette Gonzalez-Nacer)

Dancing Machine,” by Jackson 5
Who’s listening: Marina (Tara Perry)

Here I Am (Come and Take Me),” by Al Green
Who’s listening: Twist (Jon Beavers)

Smooth Criminal,” by Michael Jackson
Who’s listening: Shout (Thomas Hobson)

Get Rhythm,” by Johnny Cash
Who’s listening: Marina

Start Me Up,” by The Rolling Stones
Who’s listening: Twist

Plus, on January 31, the Beats are releasing a twenty-track album with music from the show, including “Just like a Rockstar,” “Get Up and Go Go,” and “A Friend like You.”

No need to thank us for sharing the news. After all, friends give friends a hand.

To find out if The Fresh Beat Band is coming to your town, go to freshbeatbandlive.com. Tickets, $15-$119.50.

Photo: Randee St. Nicholas / Courtesy of Nickelodeon