Dig Deeper, Watson: Waxwing Puzzle Co.

A Grown-Up Treasure Hunt

chicago map!

If you haven’t seen National Treasure, stop reading.

We kid — though it would help you understand what Waxwing Puzzle Co. founder Andy Patton was thinking when he created Chicago’s ultimate real-world treasure hunt.

After watching the movie during a blizzard, Patton (then a student at University of Missouri) organized a campus scavenger hunt. It became so popular, students skipped classes to take part.

Lucky for us, Patton brought Waxwing to Chicago after graduating. The company offers a slew of fun games, but weather-appropriate Labyrinth is our favorite.

Sign up with one to nine friends and spend the day scurrying through the Pedway system, roughly 40 blocks of underground tunnels that snake beneath CTAs, restaurants, and more. Along the way, you’ll meet Waxwing cronies who give you clues that lead you to each meeting point.

Solo sign-ups are coming soon.

In case you get Cagey.

Sign up online at waxwingpuzzleco.com, $20.

Photo: Thinkstock