Survival of the Fittest

2012 London Health and Wellness Guide

health and wellness!

We begin every January with the best of intentions. By week three, we’re knee-deep in Chinese takeout with nary a gym sock in sight. This year start as you mean to go on, and we suspect you’ll be healthier than ever.

Eat Junk
When carrot sticks won’t hit the spot, reach for British gourmet whole-grain Propercorn (available at Leon restaurants; locations online at leonrestaurants.co.uk). Each bag contains less than 100 calories and comes in flavours like Worcester sauce and sun-dried tomato or sour cream and chive. Sweet tooth? Dairy-free Ohso probiotic chocolate contains only 72 calories and gets your digestive system back on track.

Go Dancing
Take a Diva or Music Video dance class and learn all the moves to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” or Madonna’s “Into the Groove.” The shy can practice at home (with heels on) to Ministry of Sound’s Pump It Up: Move It, Lose It DVD.

Drink Up
Replace double vodka tonics with Juiceology drinks (lychee, berry and basil; coconut water and white guava) made from fresh puree, juice, botanicals, herbs, spices and soft spring water. (The milk thistle ingredient aims to repair an overworked liver, so if you do fall off the wagon, use it as a mixer to prevent a heavy head the next day.)

Indulge in Pills and Powder
Avoid months of sniffling with Bee Prepared immune system support pills. The daily supplements contain high-quality natural ingredients bee propolis, black elderberry and olive leaf extracts, as well as beta-glucans.

Why eat more greens when you can drink them instead? Mix Pure Synergy powder (a blend of grass juice, algae, sea vegetables, spinach and kale) with apple juice and skip your five a day.

Easy as cake.

Photo: Image Source / Getty Images