Hide Out in Olga Road Upcycled Leather Jackets

Trenches Get a New Life

olga road upcycled leather jackets!

Prosecutor: Ms. Pender, it’s come to our attention that you’re not the hoodie you say you are.

Pender: I can explain [straightens collar]. I’m an upcycled Olga Road leather jacket.

Prosecutor: We have evidence suggesting former lives.

Pender: Guilty. I was an Austin-sourced trench coat carefully crafted into my current hooded state.

Prosecutor: Word has it you roll with a motley crew.

Pender: I hang with a collection of motos and bombers in shades ranging from basic brown and black to cherry red. Zippers and other hardware add to our street cred.

Prosecutor: And what makes you think you’re so special?

Pender: Details from my original shape have been worked into my new disguise. And did I mention I’m one of a kind?

Prosecutor: So once you’re bought, you’re on the lam.

Pender: That’s the idea. But I’ll save it for the judge.

Available online at olgaroad.com, $197.

Photo: Courtesy of Olga Road