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Fact: People judge your book choices. And that shelf stocking Hunger Games and Fashion Cats isn’t doing you any favors.

Earmark Annodia, a monthly book-curation service from Nancy Hagen Ethridge and Meriah Schultz.

The former fashion show producers-turned-LeVar Burtons cull novels, biographies, cookbooks, art and photo catalogs, and poetry for individuals and aesthetically inclined NYC boutiques.

For an unabridged experience, Ethridge and Schultz create customized literary collections for your nightstand or recipient of choice (brides-to-be, recent grads, newborns). Though an actual bookshelf isn’t included, the tomes are carefully gift wrapped and shipped.

Find inspiration by reading into their collection at Jumelle (Carson McCullers: Complete Novels) or the stacks at Stone Fox Bride: Stan Shaffer’s You Should Have Been with Me and groupie confessional I’m with the Band. Anthropological tomes at Beautiful Dreamers (Working with Wool: a Coast Salish Legacy and the Cowichan Sweater, Yoshie Watanabe and Yayako Uchida’s Brooch) are card catalog worthy.

Don’t worry, Edward and Jacob won’t mind.

Available at Jumelle, 148 Bedford Avenue, between North 8th and North 9th Streets, Williamsburg (718-388-9525); Stone Fox Bride, 611 Broadway, at Houston Street, suite 613b (stonefoxbride.com); Beautiful Dreamers, 326 Wythe Avenue, at South 1st Street, Williamsburg (718-388-4884). For more information, go to fantasticbooklist.com.

Photo: Ralmund Koch / Getty Images

Stone Fox Bride
611 Broadway
@ Houston St, ste 613b
New York, NY 10012
326 Wythe Ave
@ S 1st St
Brooklyn, NY 11249
148 Bedford Ave
bt N 8th & 9th Sts
Brooklyn, NY 11211