That Can-Do Spirit

Armommy Homemade Accessories and DIYs


Moms who can, do. Moms who can’t, buy things that look like they do.

If you love the idea of homemade but lack the skills to make anything other than a bed, meet the moms of Armommy.

Mother-daughter duo Rae Friis and Jane Kelly started their brand after Rae called up Jane (her mommy) with an idea. She wanted a tank top to go under her shirts to help make breastfeeding in public a less revealing experience — and so the Empire Tank was born.

All of the company’s products have an equally charming, inventive, and whimsical feel. Our favorite is the Bumper, a small pillow you tie around door knobs to eliminate slammed doors and crushed fingers.

For those who want to DIY, a video series launches in April. The first classes will focus on home decorating and entertaining (think: fabric napkins, picnic blankets, and seat cushions). For those who can’t fathom using a needle and thread, the site is packed with customizable valentines for order and printables to download.

C’mon, even you can press print.

Available online at armommy.com, $4-$35.

Photo: lovestudiophoto.com / Courtesy of Armommy