Valentine's Day Gift Guide 2012

How to Be a Flick Tease

valentine's day!

Still searching for your Hollywood ending?

High School Musical
Making a mixtape used to be the most romantic thing you could do for someone. See if it still works with the modern-day USB memory stick version.

What Women Want
Who knows? But jewellery always seems to do the trick. Get her smiling with a pair of Mallarino earrings or Hillier heart scribble necklace.

You’ve Got Mail
Love declarations via SMS scream ‘I have the mental age of a teenager’. Instead carve a sweet message into a solid wood postcard, or send an old-school telegram or card by Door 77.

While You Were Sleeping
Make a date with yourself and spend it in a pair of cosy cotton Poplin pyjamas. After all, everyone says you look your best when you are comfortable.

Bullets over Broadway
Write a note and keep it safe inside a gold love bullet pendant necklace. The range also includes silver, pewter and a raw finish. They’re to die for.

Keep it reel.

Photo: George Eastman House / Flickr